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Instruction Manual

Good morning!

For years, people have used the Bible in such an incorrect manner. One way, specifically the inspiration for this post, is the use of the Book of Leviticus – some use it to reference laws made for the Levites that stated the do’s and don’t’s of God’s people, AT THAT TIME. They take these laws and use them to condemn the actions of someone they deem a “sinner.” Others use it to reference these same laws to call out a “christian” on their hypocracy.

Folks, STOP IT.

The Bible isn’t the Constitution of the United States of Christians. It’s exactly what it’s called – the B.I.B.L.E.: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Remember, this isn’t our home. God seeks to take us home one day, to our true home. That’s why I love that acronym so much, it’s perfect! The Bible is an INSTRUCTION MANUAL!!!

Instruction manuals are always provided with anything that requires assembly, operation, and/or knowledgable interaction. However… I have never come across an instruction manual that forced you to obey, or you couldn’t use the technology. You can open the box, toss the manual, and just go at it if you wanted to – building, operating, creating, mixing, taping, gluing, or WHATEVER, with no instruction. That’s your choice… but is it logical? is it safe? Is it smart to toss the manual?


Understand that the Bible isn’t a book of rules and laws. It’s a guidebook – a poetic instruction manual for life. You don’t have to follow it… but you should.

That said, Pray and ask God what the Book of Leviticus, or any book in the Bible, means to YOUR LIFE. Stop using it to either condemn someone else’s sins, or justify your accusations of hypocrisy. Neither is in God’s will for man.

Love you!


5 Things Christians Do a Lot, That the Bible Never Told Us To Do

5 Things Christians do that God never told us to do.


I’ve been noticing things that Christians have been so deeply involved in for a while now, and I’m trying to figure out, WHERE in the Bible did God EVER tell us to be so “innovative?” We’ve taken much more initiative in doing “the work of God” than we were ever required or given authority to do. If I recall, the Great Commission was pretty solid in laying out the framework of our job description.

So here’s a list of things I think need to be addressed as QUESTIONABLE and seemingly UNNECESSARY actions for people who serve God’s Kingdom. I will also do my best to show the contrasted values that are expressed in the Bible – THE REAL BIBLE, not the one that those “God Hates Gays” picketing folks are reading. 

  1. Analyzing the complexity and extremity of sins – statements like “at least I’m not doing that” or “this is an abomination in God’s eyes, so that means it’s worse than my sin.” You may think you’re doing this with a spirit-led mindset, but that’s a trick of the enemy. What you’re really doing is what all humans are guilty of – looking for someone to step over. It always feels good to feel like you’re doing better than someone else, that’s why we try to rate the highs and lows of sin, as though the guy who shot up the elementary school is gonna go somewhere worse than the one sneaking outside food into the movies. SIN IS SIN. When did God say “[sin] and [sin] and [sin] is an abomination, and that’s all. Everything else isn’t as bad as these.” Anywhere in the Bible? Yes it’s said “the worst of these” in certain contexts, but understand the context itself – There are certain sins that are considered the root cause of other sinful actions. This doesn’t compare their extremities! CONTRAST SCRIPTURE: James 2:5-13
  2. Policing and enforcing the laws of the Bible on PEOPLE – Now you KNOW this one isn’t in there. You can debate it all you want, but God NEVER gave us badges, military licenses, or certification to enforce law on PEOPLE. Period. The Great Commission gives us the authority in the name of Jesus, but to do only ONE THING – that’s to “Make Disciples of All Nations” (which will come up soon, so remember that scripture). Yes, we preach the Gospel, yes we kill sin, and yes we proclaim our standard for living… but you have NOTHING TO DO with someone else’s actions. Say what you have been called to say (in the spirit, not in your judgmental mind), and then love that person. THAT’S IT. You aren’t Matlock, you aren’t Action Jackson, and you aren’t Beverly Hills Cop for Jesus. STOP IT. I don’t even have to go in-depth into this – it’s simple folks! CONTRAST SCRIPTURE: Ephesians 6:11 (You know this! People aren’t our enemies!!!)
  3. Choosing when and when not to be a Christian – deciding when and where you feel it’s necessary to exercise your faith. THAT’S NOT DISCERNMENT, That’s LAZINESS. Just because you’re uncomfortable or unsure or fearful, you try to use the excuse that “maybe this isn’t the time that God wants me to be righteous” or “Maybe I can hold off on standing firm on my faith for now, so I don’t offend anyone” or anything like that. No such thing. David said “I will bless the Lord at ALL TIMES,” not just when he felt comfortable or had the energy or felt like he wouldn’t offend anyone. Stop trying to create a secular/sacred divide in your life. You’re jumping back and forth over a fence that’s gonna keep rising until one day you’re not gonna be able to jump high enough… think about what side you wanna get caught on. CONTRAST SCRIPTURE: Luke 16:13
  4. Cherry-Picking who can and cannot be made a Disciple – “He/She can’t be discipled… they’re too far gone.” Or my favorite, “They’re not gonna listen to me anyways, so why bother.” Says who? Let’s get back to that scripture I referenced before – Make disciples of ALL NATIONS. No matter how they look, how they dress, where they live, where they come from, what they used to do, what they’re doing right now, who they live with, what they think of you… IT DOESN’T MATTER. If God leads you to minister and disciple someone, YOU’RE THE ONE TO DO THE JOB. Stop trying to “discern” your way out of ministry; out of mentoring, being accountable for, and discipling someone. Remember Paul? Remember the rich young ruler? Remember the adulterous woman? Jesus had a task for all these people, and had something to say to all of them. CONTRAST SCRIPTURE: Matthew 28:19
  5. Critiquing and estimating the value of certain Ministries – This is pretty self-explanatory, but it also addresses something I want to make clear – those times when we look at the way someone is ministering the gospel, or more commonly, we look at WHO is ministering the Gospel. Let me ask you, WHO ARE WE TO SAY WHO CAN AND CANNOT SAY JESUS’ NAME, Or who can and cannot worship God? Where in the word does it tell us that we’re supposed to make the decision as to who is a proper minister of the Gospel? Yes, we have to be weary of false teachers, but If they are preaching the same truth you know and you preach, what makes it wrong? Cause they don’t dress like you? Cause they don’t do it full-time like you? Cause they sin? You know you sin too, right? CHILL. That’s not your job to choose who can and cannot Glorify God. EVERY human being, no matter where they came from or what they do on this earth, was created for the sole purpose of Glorifying God. Are you gonna keep them from doing their job? What if someone stopped you cause they knew that SECRET SIN you’re afraid to tell people about? Think about that. CONTRAST SCRIPTURE: 1 Peter 4:11 | Proverbs 16:4, 6, & 7

I’m pretty sure if I meditated on it more, there’s an even longer list of things that we’re out there doing, that either don’t have any Biblical purpose, or are the complete opposite of what the word says!!!

In short, and in love, I say DO WHAT GOD ASKED US TO DO. Once that’s done, sit down. Stop taking “Initiative,” cause you’ll end up hurting either yourself or hurting another of God’s children. Remember… “such were some of you” – we aren’t out of the ballpark yet folks, remember? Solo Gratia!!! SAVED BY GRACE!!

Love Ya’ll!

Quote of the Day! [New]

Every morning I get an email from my Dad with a quote. I want to share these with you. As I get the quotes, I will re-post them here, and then find a picture that relates to the quote. I will do my best to be diligent in this, so look forward to these in the morning!

Today’s Quote:

“Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone; therefore we are saved by love.” — Reinhold Niebuhr


The Pop Quiz…

It’s crazy, everytime I get a new revelation, I’m so excited about sharing it with ya’ll…

But then God throws a pop quiz at me to see, WAS I LISTENING TO HIM? That’s what happened yesterday… it started from sunrise and lasted til sunset. No multiple choice questions, no true or false, no matching vocabulary (I know ya’ll remember those… that was the best lol).

If you read my last post, you’ll know it was about being content with what you have from God in this life, which doesn’t belong to you. I was tested to see if I really meant that in my own life… It was hard, I admit. Mom and Dad didn’t make it easier. They were (unknowingly) …(and knowingly) pressuring me about finding a job – yeah, I’m a scrub right now, living at home with no job… forgive me, It’s only 3 1/2 months out of undergrad. On top of that, I just felt useless and felt like I wasn’t doing anything with my life. I’ve been trying – I swear I’ve applied to like 30 jobs in the past months, and the only ones that have worked out, I didn’t even apply for, or it was just one of those pyramid schemes (AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!).

Still, what I learned last night is, that was just ONE DAY! I didn’t take the time to enjoy the day, enjoy getting things done, enjoy time with family, and enjoy life… I was so worried about the next day/week/month/year… God just wants me to understand that where I am now is exactly where He wants me. I didn’t screw up and land myself somewhere outside of God’s grace. Because I trust Him, He has led me here, and I should be ok with that… cause I’m right where I need to be when the time comes to move again.

He wants that for you too. Be encouraged!!!